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    “AudioTextual: Modernism, Sound Recordings, and Networks of Reception”

    This project examines how Anglo-American modernists engaged with new devices for sound recording and the threats and opportunities these media offered for community, the page, and the embodied voice. The project at once shows the still unrecognized extent of the modernist encounter with new technologies of sound and listens closely to audio recordings of modernist works as they form a network of modernist distribution and reception that transcends accounts limited by genre and nation. By rereading classic audible moments from modernist works in light of these sound recordings, the project argues for greater dialogue between literary modernism and its audiotextual incarnations that unfold over the course of decades and that consistently re-evaluate the terms and provocations of the original print works.

    Committee: Michael Levenson, Jahan Ramazani, Rita Felski, Michael Puri

    Defended: November 2015

Master’s Thesis

    “Noise and the Novel: The Sound of Literary Modernism”

    This study examines the works of Conrad, Joyce, and Woolf with special attention to the sociohistorical contexts of sound production and reception. With reference to cognitive psychology and contemporary folk music and noise legislation, the project ultimately argues that a new “aesthetics of noise” reoriented conditions of labor, community, and the body.

    Advisor: Professor Michael Levenson.

    Passed: May 2011

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