• How many tokens are in the following sentence? How many types?

‘Speak!’ cried Todd, ‘speak! and speak the truth, or your last hour is come!

  • Write out a normalized, tokenized version of the sentence.

Upload the text for The String of Pearls available here into Voyant. Analyze the results. If things seem particularly slow, you can try working with a smaller chunk of the text.

  • Use Voyant to examine gender in the text. What kind of words do you need to look at? Which parts of Voyant? Make some sort of observations about your findings (3-5 sentences). Feel free to include a screenshot of the visualizations to help describe your observations.
  • How would you measure moments of heightened suspense in the text? Take a spin at doing it if you think have a solid idea. Or simply theorize in 3-5 sentences.

Now upload the text for the various articles on Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper about The Hampstead Murders to Voyant and analyze them. This is the coverage of a late nineteenth-century murder case with a female victim and perpetrator.

  • What is one other thing that you notice about the word cloud for this text? How might you back up these claims and interpretations if you were to read this series of articles? 3-5 sentences.