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I’ve always been someone who learns best while listening. And as I’ve gotten older and busier, I’ve had more and more need to find ways to keep up with work while taking care of other things. In the last six months I’ve started to do a deep dive into the DH resources out there available as audio, things that I can absorb during the cracks of the day. In the hopes of finding more, I posted to Mastodon asking if anyone had favorite recordings of DH talks, lectures, or workshops. The post got a fair amount of recirculation but few actual replies with links. That tells me there might be others interested in such materials, so I thought I would start a little running list of what I’ve been checking out and share it out. Keep in mind there is no real attempt at coverage here: it roughly collects whatever I’ve managed to find whenever I manage to check it out (I would love to hear what I’m missing!). So, the list is always going to be incomplete but be growing over time. I’m operating here under the assumption that there is enough here already to make it worth sharing. The scope is also quite broad but also idiosyncratic: there’s a clear focus on DH infrastructure and digital pedagogy given my own work. And I also won’t be keeping track, say, if things get taken down years from now.

What follows is my running list of recordings. There’s no real distinction made below between, say, podcasts you could download on your phone and videos that need to be run in the browser. Such a difference is meaningful but doesn’t really fit my own particular purposes here, so if you have need or one or the other you will have to poke around a bit. I’m using a service called BibBase to embed my Zotero collection on this page, so this post should be updated in the future as that collection updates. You can also explore the collection directly on Zotero’s website. I would recommend this guide by Yvonne Seale if you want to embed a Zotero bibliography in this same way on a page of your own. I also particularly want to shout out Merisa Martinez who shared a list of their favorite DH podcasts a few years ago. Thanks also to Amanda Visconti for suggesting some links on Mastodon. I’ve included those links in the Zotero collection below.

Digital Humanities Recordings

DH-relevant Audiobooks

These are longer texts that exist out there as audiobooks. Worth noting, though, that they may or may not be freely available. I found them either through a subscription service (like Audible) or rental from a library.